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The Alliance for Environmental Markets and Investments (AEMI) and JT&A, in partnership with our Advisory Committee, are hosting this important and timely summit designed to mobilize investment in market and performance-based solutions to natural infrastructure.

Alliance for Environmental Markets & Investments was established in 2019 to increase investment in the environment. AEMI supports market and performance-based solutions to sustainable environmental issues by connecting and supporting across resources and industries, collaborating with existing organizations, and be self-funded with minimal organizational development. AEMI hosted the first Environmental Markets and Finance Summit in cooperation with Forest Trends who continues to serve on the Advisory Committee. AEMI also hosted the DC Premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ice on Fire documentary at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C. 

JT&A is a small, woman-owned firm that has been drawing together diverse stakeholders and creating education & outreach products for more than 35 years. The host of the successful environmental markets conference on wetlands, streams and species, the National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference, we are also the creators of EnviroScape® models in use around the world educating on water pollution and its prevention. JT&A was instrumental in developing many programs and materials still in use today – wrote and designed the first educational and outreach materials on nonpoint source pollution for the U.S. EPA; developed American Wetlands Month, including logo and outreach materials and organized the first few years of American Wetlands Month celebrations; developed and implemented the first National Watershed Conference; and produced materials for Audubon’s America among many other initiatives.



✔ Corporate Compliance and Sustainability Buyers

✔ Government Buyers

✔ Local and Regional Planning Entities

✔ Providers and Sellers of Solutions

✔ Federal, State, and Local Regulators

✔ Investors and Fund Managers

Those who are

  • Designing or exploring their path to progress in meeting their carbon, water, biodiversity, ESG and investment goals.
  • Supporting these efforts with solutions and policie


(coming soon)


Invest in the Environment by attending this high-level gathering of public, private, and philanthropic communities in forestry, carbon, ecological restoration, water resources management, and corporate sustainability. The Environmental Markets and Finance Summit is hosted by JT&A, inc. and the Alliance for Environmental Markets and Investments.