Evan Branosky

Program Manager, Environmental Policy
National Association of Home Builders

As Program Manager of Environmental Policy at National Association of Home Builders, Evan develops and advises on performance-driven policies and programs including markets, pay for success, and incentive-based approaches. With experience in the urban stormwater, wastewater, and agriculture sectors, Evan leverages technology, economics, and financial analysis to restore water bodies through whole watershed approaches.

Previously, Evan managed the District of Columbia’s Stormwater Retention Credit trading program, a novel approach to stormwater management that facilitates trades of volume-based credits to finance green infrastructure and achieve environmental requirements. Evan built the market infrastructure and led initial trading activity.

He has also worked at the World Resources Institute, where he analyzed and developed performance- and market-based programs. At WRI, Evan led the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Trading and Offsets Workgroup, coordinating activities by six states to develop performance-based approaches to achieve water quality standards in the Bay. He published multiple peer-reviewed reports, receiving WRI’s 2010 Working Paper of the Year for an analysis of Bay-wide nutrient trading. Additionally, Evan worked with a Federal Government client to develop environmental compliance and financing programs for facilities in a nationwide real property portfolio.

Since childhood, Evan has felt a deep connection to rivers, lakes, and oceans. He believes innovative approaches are necessary to enhance aquatic ecosystems, and aspires to facilitate water quality improvements throughout the United States.


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